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File Browser

  • Arrow Keys: Navigate.

  • Shift + Arrow Keys: Select multiple items.

  • Ctrl + Arrow Keys: Change focus without changing selection. “Focus” is the object that will run on Enter. Space toggles selection of the focused item.

  • (Letter): Select first found item that begins with (Letter).

  • BackSpace: Go up one level to the parent directory.

  • Alt + Left: Go back one folder.

  • Alt + Right: Go forward one folder.

  • Enter: Activate (Double-click) selected item(s).

  • Alt + Enter: View properties for selected item.

  • F2: Rename selected item(s).

  • Ctrl + NumpadPlus: In a Details view, resizes all columns to fit the longest item in each one.

  • Delete: Delete selected item(s).

  • Shift + Delete: Delete selected item(s); bypass Recycle Bin.

  • Ctrl while dragging item(s): Copy.

  • Ctrl + Shift while dragging item(s): Create shortcut(s).

  • In tree pane, if any:

  • Left: Collapse the current selection if expanded, or select the parent folder.

  • Right: Expand the current selection if collapsed, or select the first subfolder.

  • Numpad Asterisk: Expand currently selected directory and all subdirectories. No undo.

  • Numpad Plus: Expand currently selected directory.

  • Numpad Minus: Collapse currently selected directory.


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Tune The Tech

Technology... the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it.
Tune The Tech

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