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Shortcut key for Windows(Xp)

Win                                 Press windows key to open start menu

Win+R                           Apply to open Run dialog box

Win+M                           Apply to minimize all opened windows

Win+Shift+M                 Apply to maximize all opened windows

Win+L                            Press keys to lock keyboard in windows XP

Win+E                            Press keys to open My Computer

Win+F                            Apply to open search options

Win+U                            Apply keys to open Utility Manager

Win+D                            To view desktop/minimize all windows

Win+F1                           To view the detail windows help page

Win+Pause                    To view the System Properties dialog box

Win+Tab                         Move through taskbar programs

Win+F+Ctrl                      Apply to open search for computers

Alt+Tab                            Move through opened windows programs

Alt+F4                              Press keys to close active windows program

Alt+Enter                         Apply to open properties of selected item

Alt+ SPACEBAR            Open the system menu of active window

Alt+ SPACEBAR +N      Press keys to minimize the active program

Alt+ SPACEBAR +R      Press keys to restore the active program

Alt+ SPACEBAR+C       Press keys to close the active program

Alt+ SPACEBAR+X        Press keys to maximize the active program

Alt+ SPACEBAR+M       Press keys to move the active program

Ctrl+Alt+Delete              Apply to open windows task manager

Ctrl+Shift+Esc               Apply to open windows task manager

Ctrl+Esc                         Press keys to open start menu

Shift                                 Shift key to prevent CD from automatically playing

Shift+Delete                  To delete items permanently


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