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How to Download Books from Google Book Store

How to Download Books from Google Book Store

Downloading a book for free from internet is little bit a tedious task. Whenever you try download a book it asks you to purchase that book from like Amazon.com. Amazon has a biggest book store where you can find any book that exists in the world but to have that book you have to purchase that you cannot download the book for free from there. But Google Book Store gives you a option to read the book online so you don’t have to purchase that book. But to read a book you have to be online all the time which can be very difficult for you. So here are the simple steps that you have to follow to download a book from Google Book Store. This trick only works in Mozilla Firefox.

How to Download Books from Google Book Store:-

  • First of all install Greasemonkey  Add-On to your Firefox browser.
  • Click on Add to Firefox and then on install Now button.

1161 How to Download Books from Google Book Store

  • Now Restart your Firefox and you will see a monkey icon adjacent to your Address bar.
  • After installing this you have to install a user script Google Book Downloader.
  • For this click on the install button and again on install button.

1281 How to Download Books from Google Book Store

  • Now you will see a message displaying Google Book Downloader installed successfully at the right bottom of your screen.

3 How to Download Books from Google Book Store

  • Now go to the Google book store and find your book there.
  • Here you will see a button saying Download this Book in the left panel.

1113 How to Download Books from Google Book Store

  • That’s it. Now you will be able read your desired book offline.

Note:- If you are not able to download book on clicking Download this Book button then install FlashGot Add-on in your browser. After installing the addon right click on the Download this Book button and select FlashGot Link option and then click start download button.


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