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How To Create a Shortcut or Hotkey To Safely Remove USB Devices

Usually we remove Hardware by Clicking “Safely Remove Hardware” Icon Present in System Tray.Instead of doing that we can do a small hack to Launch “Safely Remove Dialog Box” by Creating Shortcut or assigning Hotkey (Best Method).

Create a Shortcut to the Safely Remove USB Devices:

  • Right-click on the desktop and choose New –>Shortcut
  • Then paste in the following into the location box :

RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

  • Next Give a Shortcut name, here i have given it as Safely Remove

How To Assign a Shortcut Key:

  • Right-click on the Created Shortcut icon.
  • Open the properties dialog, then go to the Shortcut tab.

  • Now Assign a Shortcut key (Here i have assigned CTRL+F2).
  • Apply & Close the dialog box.

This hotkey will make a Fast launch of Safely Remove Dialog Box.

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Using your keyboard as a mouse by using MouseKeys

You can  use your keyboard as a mouse. This can be very helpful when your mouse isn’t working properly, or if you want to have some fun.

In Windows XP:

1. Go to Start > Control panel

2. Click on Switch to classic view from left

3. Double click on Accessibility options

4. On the new window, click on Mouse tab and check the option “Use Mouse keys”

5. Click on OK

– On the keyboard press the Num Lock key, it will make a beep sound.

To activate mouse keys in shortcut all you do is press Alt+Left shift key (the one below the caps lock key) and the Num Lock key.
To deactivate just press the above combination again.

To control mouse pointer you can use numeric keypad keys.
To move mouse pointer you can use 1,2,3,4, 6,7,8,9.
To click on icons you can use number 5, you may ask, which click? The right, the left or the middle button.The mouse icon in the system tray show you, which button is.

To change to the left button first press / and then press 5
To change to the right button first press – and then press 5
To change to the middle button first press * and then press 5.
To Drag &Drop, first press + then move the icon location and then press 0

Press 0 and navigate the pointer= Selecting the text in a normal keyboard
Pressing * or – and then pressing 5 = right click on your normal mouse (to use 5 to perform

the left click action press the / key).
To scroll up and down you can either use arrow keys or the Page Up and Page Down keys.

You can also use the spacebar to get to the bottom of the page.

This function works on windows xp, windows 2003 .

In Windows Vista/Windows 7:

The accessibility option has been changed to Ease of access center in Windows Vista and Windows 7. So we need to make changes in ease of access center. Do the following:

1. Click on Start and type “Ease of Access center” in the search box.

2. Hit Enter to open Ease of Access center.

3. Click on Make the keyboard easier to use.

4. Check the option ” Turn on Mouse keys“, for changing settings click on Setup mouse keys.

5. Click on OK.

Enjoy the fun….

If you would like to share any such tips related to computers, please do so through comments.

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Key Extender for remapping keyboard

KeyExtender is a simple utility that allows users to redefine their keyboard input signals. The functionality is made possible by a registry value first documented in Windows 2000, but also present in Windows NT 4.0. and included in XP, Vista and Windows 7. KeyExtender can be very useful to those looking for an efficient keyboard remapping utility

To change or disable any of the 108 keys on your keyboard we suggest using KeyExtender, a great small and secure utility.

With the remapping keyboard tool, you can

Change shortcut of Windows system and any software;

Remap keys with any other keys;

Customize text shortcut for frequently used text such as account name, email address

Remap a single keystroke to volume shortcut;

Customize eject/close cdrom drive to one key press;

Disable a key(such as win key) and lock keyboard;

Also you can custom a sequence of key combinations such as ‘Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V’ to one key.

Free Download

Customize eject/close cdrom drives to shortcut key

Customize shutdown/reset computer to change shortcut key

Use multimedia function keys on your common  keyboard

Once this program has been downloaded and installed open the program and click on the key you wish to change or otherwise disable and choose the new key to be used or click disable button to disable it.

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